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William Blake
The Library West Dean House
8th February, 2009


This has been performed at:

Sunday 13th July, 2008 The Oxmarket Centre of Arts, Chichester (part of the Chichester Festivities)

Sunday 30th August, 2008 Norfolk Centre, Arundel (part of the Arundel Festival)

Sunday 8th February, 2009 The Library, West Dean House

Directed by Julia Goodman

Narrative links by writer Christine West

"A delightful, entertaining and educational evening."
"The ensemble of different voices against the backdrop of Blake's art and other images was very effective."
"I gained new insights into Blake's life and work - and a whole new take on Jerusalem!"


Part 1: The Non-Conformist Visionary

Section i) Who is this man?

Jerusalem (the verses introducing Blake’s epic poem Milton)

The Tyger

The Lamb

Piping down the valleys wild

Hear the voice of the Bard

All religions are one

Section ii) Dualism and Contraries

God appears

He doth give his joy to all

Christ’s Unique Precept (from the prologue to Blake’s The Everlasting Gospel)

The Divine Image

Section iii a) Revolutionary Views: Social


Auguries of Innocence (selected couplets)

The Chimney Sweeper

The Human Abstract

The Little Black Boy

Cruelty has a Human Heart

A Poison Tree

Without contraries

Proverbs of Hell (selections, from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell)

Infant Joy

Infant Sorrow

The Little Vagabond

Section iii b) Revolutionary Views: Political

The Birth of Revolution (from America – a Prophecy)

Release of the Revolutionary Spirit (from Europe – a Prophecy)

Interval and refreshments

Part 2: From Anti-Establishment to Visions of ‘Jerusalem’

Section i) Revolutionary Views: Social

Black Ey’d Maid


Love to faults is always blind

Infinite and holy

My Pretty Rose Tree

Love to faults

Binding with briars; Caterpillar and priest; Free Love

Prologue to A Little Girl Lost

A Little Girl Lost

The Clod and the Pebble

To the Accuser, Who is the God of this World

To those who restrain Desire

Mutual Forgiveness of each Vice

The Garden of Love

I asked a thief

Section ii) Visionary Truths

An exchange with the Reverend Dr Trusler (from Letters 1799)

High art … (from Letters)

To see a World in a Grain of Sand

From London (verse reprised)

On Another’s Sorrow 

The Oaken Seat

To my Friend Butts, October 2, 1800 … (from Letters)

Forgive an Enemy, Forgive a Friend (from the epic poem Jerusalem)

Away to sweet Felpham

O why was I born with a different face? (from Letters)

Three headed dog; Angel at my birth; On Sir Joshua Reynolds (from notebooks)

On Talent and Fortune (from notebooks)

The voices of children; Angel at my birth

Lines from The Skylark

A threefold smile

Love to faults & He who binds to himself a joy

Words of the young artists

Liberty; Real Art

Jerusalem (the verses introducing Blake’s epic poem Milton - reprise)