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No Rhyme...No Reason
The Poetry of War


7:50pm Sunday 15th November 2009

The Thatched Barn, Great Brook Farm,
Brook Lane, Warshash, SO31 9FF


 Lieutenant Colonel J M Brown RLC, Commanding Officer, 7 Regiment RLC
  Robert Wilson  www.robertjwilson.com


Director - Julia Goodman

Script - Rod Beacham & Christine West

Sound and Music - Roger Limb    

Voices - Patrick Hastings, Clare Howard, Mark Mason-Jones

 Guest voices – Mark Penfold, Toby Winter

Rod Beacham, Clare Howard, Mark Penfold, Roger Limb, Julia Goodman, Toby Winter, Patrick Hastings, Mark Mason-Jones, Christine West

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 Poetry is with us from the start. Like loving, like hunger, like the plague, like war.
At times my verses were embarrassingly foolish. But I make no excuse.
I believe that seeking beautiful words is better than killing and murdering.

Jaroslav Seifert , Czech Poet.  Died 1984.  Nobel Prize Winner 1984.  And now goodbye – self penned epitaph


Poems / Readings    Author  Voices
Futility        Wilfred Owen (d.1918) Julia
Horatius at the Bridge  T.B. Macauley Mark
from Clifton Chapel Sir Henry Newbolt 


from Henry V (St Crispin’s Day) William Shakespeare Mark P
from The Destruction of Sennacherib George Gordon, Lord Byron Clare
from Lysistrata Aristophanes Christine Clare Julia
Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries A.E. Houseman


Vitae Lampada Sir Henry Newbolt  Patrick
from The Magpies in Picardy  T.P. Cameron Wilson (d. 1918) Rod
Trail All Your Pikes  Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea  Clare
The Charge of the Light Brigade  Alfred, Lord Tennyson Mark, Mark Patrick Rod
The Soldier Rupert Brooke (d.1915)

Mark P

The Dead  Rupert Brooke Julia
The Kiss Siegfried Sassoon Mark 
Lamentations  Siegfried Sassoon


The Jingo Woman Helen Hamilton  Julia
Fathers  Siegfried Sassoon Mark
from The Hawthorne Tree Siegfried Sassoon Clare
The General   Siegfried Sassoon Patrick
‘I could not look on death ...’  Rudyard Kipling  Mark P
‘Why we died...’   Rudyard Kipling  


Anthem for Doomed Youth Wilfred Owen Rod
At the Cenotaph  Siegfried Sassoon 

Clare Patrick

Will It Be So Again C. Day Lewis

Mark P Julia

Poem Pastor Martin Niemoller Julia
from Murder in the Cathedral  T.S. Eliot  Mark
I Have a Rendezvous with Death Alan Seeger (d.1916) Mark P
from Praise God Now for an English War  Dorothy L Sayers


In Westminster Abbey  John Betjeman Julia
London Under Bombardment  Greta Briggs Clare
The Pacifist  Hilaire Belloc Mark
For Johnny  John Pudney Christine
from For the Fallen Laurence Binyon Mark P


Poems / Readings    Author  Voices
O Come Love These Warring Armies  Dave Cunliffe  The Company
from More Pearls  Pearl Goodman Julia
from Six Young Men Ted Hughes


from A London Evacuee Sees His First Cow      Patrick
‘Gossip round the village’   Michelle Magorian Julia Clare
from Goodnight, Mr Tom the musical    
from Autobiography  Adrian Henri  Mark
from Greatcoats  Flt Lt Biurlon Christine
Handbag                                                         Ruth Fainlight   Clare
Perhaps (to R.A.L. d. 15.12.15)  Vera Brittain Julia
Dulce et Decorum Est   Wilfred Owen Rod
Last Post  Carol Ann Duffy  Julia
from No Poppies in the Jungle, Base Hospital, and Can We Forget? Kenneth Child

Christine Patrick Mark P Mark

The Man He Killed Thomas Hardy Rod
Reconciliation                                                 Walt Whitman Patrick
Brevet                                                                        Gerald M Thomas  Julia
Letter to St Peter  Pam Haine Clare
Your Attention Please  Peter Porter  Roger
Newscast                                                        Ian Hamilton  Mark
To Whom It May Concern  Adrian Mitchell

The Company

Refuse Cruise  Phil Vallack

Clare Julia

from Springfield Road Sangar  David Hamilton Mark, Mark P
‘Liberty’  Oscar Wilde Patrick
‘Evil’   Edmund Burke Julia
Soldier with a Tattoo David Hamilton Patrick
The Not Dead Simon Armitage Julia
Thinking About War Toby Winter Toby
A Soldier’s Arabic Brian Turner Roger Patrick Julia
The Promise of Things to Come, ‘JB’  Mark
The Great Debate  ‘JB’   Julia Rod Christine
Here Bullet   Brian Turner  Patrick