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No Rhyme...No Reason
The Poetry of War


7:30pm Thursday 20th May, 2010


Part of the Kingston Readers Festival (22nd April - 20th May)


All Saints Church, Market Place, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 1JP



 Lieutenant Colonel J M Brown RLC, Commanding Officer, 7 Regiment RLC
  Robert Wilson  www.robertjwilson.com


Director - Julia Goodman

Script - Rod Beacham & Christine West

Sound and Music - Roger Limb    

Voices - Patrick Hastings, Clare Howard, Mark Mason-Jones

 Guest voices – Mark Penfold, Toby Winter


'The Poetry of War by Voices In Performance  was one of the most powerful and moving events we have hosted during my nine years as director of the  Kingston Readers' Festival. It confirmed my belief that we have got to keep reflecting on what is happening as a result of our national strategy in the middle east and beyond. At All Saints Church in Kingston last week the audience represented all age groups and both men & women and all stood to applaud the brilliance of the production.'  Sandy Williams, Director, Kingston Readers' Festival