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'Carry On Cupid!
an evening of poetry and music'

Friday 21st September, 2012

Theater im Kesselhaus, Weil am Rhein, Germany

for the twinning association with South Bersted

Weil am Rhein
September 21st, 2012

An evening of love poetry – with music & lyrics from
the ‘Great American Songbook’

Regie: Julia Goodman        Musikalische Leitung: Roger Limb
Compiled by Christine West

With the Voices of ... Mit den Stimmen von... Rod Beacham, Julia Goodman, Patrick Hastings, Roger Limb, Mark Mason-Jones, Helena Michell & Christine West

The latest 'Carry on Cupid' team outside Blake's Cottage in Felpham
Musical Director Roger Limb (left) with Patrick Hastings, Christine West, Julia Goodman (Director),
Helena Michell, Mark Mason-Jones, Rod Beacham.
Actress Helena Michell is the daughter of actor Keith Michell and the German show will be her first appearance with VIP.


Badische Zeitung:
English Lyrics , stimulating and warm a very successful Culture-Exchange.

Weil am Rhein (jop).
"The 2hours went by so fast", said visitors about the evening of love lyrics mixed with songs from the "great American songbook" last Friday when they left the Kesselhaus.
The speciality was announcements and recitals in English , the 7 actors on stage came from the English twin town of Weil am Rhein, where they met up in
Bognor Regis a few years ago.
Actors, Directors, Musicians well educated Amateurs founded the Ensemble "Voices in Performance" the Ensemble was invited by the office of culture 
to celebrate 25 years partnership between the twin City's.
A very diverse choreography was supported by clear pronunciation and easy listening performance.
The outstanding Jazz-Pianist Roger Limb opened the evening in the Kesselhaus with Cole Porters Hymn "What is this thing called love"?
Director Julia Goodman carried on with the question as she quoted Philip Sydney with verses from the 16th century.
Adrian Henri's answer 400 years later was witty and amusingly recited  by Christine West, Mark Mason, Rod Beacham, Helena Michell and Patrick Hastings.
In 2 big Performances we saw exchange of words and songs from Cole Porter Felix Mendelsohn and George Gershwin  and they worked colourful side by side.
Patrick Hastings read with great dignity William Blakes Love Poems, whose cottage is in Bognor Regis and is one of many tourist attractions.
Other famous authors like William Shakespeare, W.H. Auden, Robert Burns, W.B. Yeats were also on the very informative Program. 
To honour the German Audience they also threw in Lyrics from Erich Kaestner and Heinrich Heine.
The English recitations spiced with humour and irony from Adrian Mitchell or Sir John Betjemen were so good that the Audience again and again acknowledged with bemusement or laughter.
A very engaging and warm evening was for sure the highlight of the City exchange.
This performance was part of Friday Saturday Sunday program where also author and film director  Simon Eden, the Vitra haus Cafe Inka a Fete in Friedlingen and of course the centre of culture took part.

Weiler Zeitung :
With poetry and musical delicatessen bemused the Ensemble "Voices in Performance" the Audience with their enthusiastic lyrics and songs, an all-round love filled evening. The sound the words the melodies were mainly in English a huge enjoyment. Even for the non English Audience the appearance solo or as an ensemble: Rod Beacham, Julia Goodman, Patrick Hastings, Roger Limb, Mark Mason-Jones, Helena Michell and Christine West delighted with their performance lovesongs in the Orchard, songs about love, love in the city of Paris, love, was found in every Lyric. The young love, love in life also love in later life.
Work of different Authors Poets, Songwriters were all collected and presented by the Ensemble.
Heinrich Heine Erich Kaestner were recited with a light English accent which made the Audience listen even more.
So many of the Visitors enjoyed a new way of poetry, with songs like "if love was Jazz" or Cole Porters evergreen "I've got you under my skin". The enthusiastic Audience showed their thanks and appreciation with lots of applause.

A big thank you went to Verena Saenger for her help, also to culture manager Tonio Passlick for their friendly help to organise an extremely enjoyable evening in the Kesselhaus.